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All-Bethel Community (ABC) Day Performance - October 27th

Vivace! Performance at ABC Day – Saturday, October 27, 2014

All Bethel Community (ABC) Day is fun-filled day that will give families a chance to assemble to see all the wonderful things that are offered in our own Bethel community.  School performance groups in our Bethel schools will be showcased at ABC Day.  Since the Vivace! Choral Program is Bethel’s afterschool community choral program and we have so many choristers in the Bethel School District, they would like to feature Vivace! at this year’s ABC Day.  The day will be filled with good food, excellent performances, and fun activities and a great event to show the community the fun and high-caliber choral program that Vivace! has to offer our Bethel community .  For more information about the Vivace! Performances at ABC Day, please stay tuned to the Vivace! website, Vivace! Calendar, Facebook or contact the Choir Manager, David Nguyen, at ChoirManager@vivacechoral.com.

ABC Day Location
Graham-Kapowsin High School
22100 108th Ave E
Graham, WA 98338

Itinerary of Vivace! Performances at ABC Day

9am Gather in the GKHS Choir Room (arrive in Uniform-see below)

9:10am (SHARP!) V! Choristers warm-ups in the Choir Room.



Performance List
Eye of the Tiger (Cathedrals)
Inspector Gadget (V! Kids)
Anvil Chorus (V! Kids)
Loch Lomond (V! Mixed)
Uptown Girl (Cathedrals Men)
Conga Rhythm (Cathedrals Women)
80's Dance Party (Combined Choirs)


For ABC Day all choristers will be in informal uniform:
Vivace! Navy Polo or a plain Navy Polo
Khaki Dress Pants
Brown Dress Shoes (Brown sandals or Tennis shoes  (not tattered) are OK)

For more information about uniforms, please contact our Uniform Coordinator, Kris Blankenship at BlankenshipK@vivacechoral.com.

Auditions and Rehearsals for the 2014-15 Season…

Vivace! Choral Program is open for auditions for our 2014-15 (our 16th Anniversary) season for all three choirs.


Our Vivace! Kids choir is made up of students primarily in late elementary to early middle school grades, with some exceptional and focused 3rd graders with unchanged voices. The Vivace! Mixed choir is our mass choir, which consists of students from middle school to high school grades, changed/changing voices and with general music knowledge. And finally our Cathedrals choir is our flagship choir, which consists of students in late middle school to college grades with changed voices and novice to advanced music knowledge.


Through the Vivace! Choral Program your child will develop musical knowledge and skills, and as they progress through the program, these skills will continue to develop. The foundation of Vivace! is based in our mentoring program, elementary music specialist and choral conductors throughout the Bethel School District are mentors in Vivace! so there is a continuity of learning that begins at Vivace! and continues to the schools and vice versa. Also, there is mentoring that occurs in our choristers as well, the Cathedrals choir, will mentor our Mixed choir and in turn our Mixed choir mentors our Kids choir mentors.


WHO?: All New Vivace! singers (elementary through high school) are invited.

Starts Monday, September 8th (new students should contact our Choir Manager, David Nguyen, at ChoirManager@vivacechoral.com or Auditions@vivacechoral.com for information)


Audition Schedule for September 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th.

V! Kids Auditions/Rehearsal: 4-5pm (V! Kids wanting to move into V! Mixed stay for 5-6pm)

V! Mixed/Cathedrals Auditions/Rehearsal: 5-7pm (V! Mixed wanting to move into Cathedrals stay for 5-7pm).


WHERE ARE REHEARSALS AT?: Liberty Middle School (7319 Eustis Hunt Road E., Spanaway right next to Pioneer Valley Elementary) in the Choir Room, every Monday.


For Rehearsal and concert dates, please visit our Calendar.  Information may be chanced periodically, please visit the calendar often for updates.

Follow Vivace! on Facebook!

Vivace! Choral Program is on Facebook. Visit Vivace! at www.facebook.com/vivacechoralprogram to follow Vivace!, watch video clips from performances, and see upcoming events and concerts by Vivace!

Vivace! choirs have been featured in concert at The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and The Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.; the Abbey Bach Festival in Mt. Angel, Oregon; and in cathedrals from Seattle to San Francisco along America’s scenic West Coast. The Cathedrals Choir performed in Austria at the Mozart Festival in Salzburg and Vienna, with additional formal concerts at Melk Abbey and the Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary. The choir has also been featured in the Seattle Symphony’s Benaroya Hall and Tacoma’s Pantages Theater. Singers have performed with the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Harvey Felder and under the direction of Dr. Geoffrey Boers of the University of Washington. Vivace! choirs have also been featured in concert with the inimitable Peter Schickele, a.k.a. P.D.Q. Bach. They have appeared several times on classical radio broadcasts and have been featured in Seattle’s Argosy Christmas Ship Festivals.

The Vivace! Choral Program offers a continuous and comprehensive 4th-12th grade mixed choral experience for students as a supplement to the musical offerings of the regular school day.

Vivace! uses a strong educational mentoring model, in which each choir is “mentored” by students from the next level in the organization. Additionally, a small number of novice educators and college students who plan to teach music are selected as section leaders for the Cathedrals Choir.

While students receive instruction in vocal technique, theory, history, movement and performance, Vivace! provides young music educators the opportunity to practice and hone their artistic skills in a nurturing environment. The choristers perform a wide variety of music; from the sophisticated motet to satisfyingly silly and choreographed pieces. Always delightful, Vivace! choirs invite, inspire and entertain all.
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